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 The Chris Daughtry Fans Online News Letter
Issue #8 January, 10th 2007

1.  Our New Daughtry Forum - Can You Help Me? 
2.  Do You Want to Know How to Build Sites and a Business Online?
3.  Your Questions, Answered, Sort Of.
4.  Are you the only one without a CD yet?

Our New Daughtry Forum - Can You Help Me? - Yes we have a brand new forum, read why below

If you have stopped by the Chris Daughtry Fans Forum anytime recently you know we had a terrible problem.  Apparently some spamming jerks have developed an automated script that can find older PHP based forums and automaticly spam them.  I tried many times to stop this, banning them by IP address and trying to patch security holes.  All to no avail!

Today I made the hard decision to take down the old forum and all the content both good and bad.  If it was just some spammy stuff I may have been able to keep working on it and save the good stuff but you see there was a real problem there.  Most of the spam was porn and drug related.  While many of you are adults, many of you are also kids and while we can't shelter children from everything I can not be in anyway a part of exposing any child to filth!

So now I really need your help, you see the old forum was bringing lots and lots of visitors to the site.  Now all those posts are gone and the forum empty.  So how can you help?

First understand the old forum is 100% gone so to post in the new one you have to register again.  I apologize for this but it is the only way to purge the scum from our midst!  So I am asking all the fans if you could go to the new forum and register, then do one post or one reply.  Just something simple because as new people show up a dead forum never takes off.

If you could take just a moment to sign up and post something about Chris, the Band or even about American Idol would really help me to regain what I lost when I took the old forum down.

Visit the New Daughtry Forum


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Do you want to know how to build sites and a business online the way I do it?

Over the last year I got a lot of questions from fans about how I built this site, why I built it, etc and just who I am (well that is me right there on the left).  The reality is I am a huge fan and a step father.  When I heard Chris audition and then heard him talk about his step kids I felt an immediate affinity for him.  I built this site with out fancy graphics or super design just to be my way to make Chris more real to his fans.

I also took the time to do the things that made this little site rank at the top of Google for "Chris Daughtry" and a lot of other terms and in time built a list of 25,000 fans, which probably includes you.

I and a few others are now putting together a system to teach other people from newbies to pros how to do things like this.  I will not subject the members of my Chris Daughtry site to a lot of hype or even much about this unless you have an interest.  

If you would like to know more about this project, click here.  If not, just keep reading about Chris and Rock On!

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Your Questions, Answered, Sort Of.

Those of you who read the November Newsletter may recall that a person had contacted me claiming to be the mother of one of the band members from Daughtry.  She promised to set up a call for me to speak to this member and Chris, things seemed legit on this so I asked you to send in your questions.

Now either this person was not the mother of a band member OR she was but simply could not get the call set up.  Either way I have never gotten any answers back from her after asking your for your questions.  So I DO NOT HAVE official answers from Chris or the band.  However, I thought I would address in my personal opinion one of the most common ones and tell you what I know about the most popular one.

First the most common question has been, when is Daughtry going on tour?

Based on comments Chris made back in November on a news broadcast I saw, I feel this will be March of this year.  Unless something changes that should be the beginning of a tour I am sure will run all through the coming summer.  We will tell you all when it is announced.

Second, the other question which was asked a variety of ways was about the tone of the songs on the first CD.  To quote ya'll "why so many sad love songs", etc.  Now I have NO INSIDE INFO on this but as a guy who wrote a lot of poetry in his early 20s after coming back from the Army during those "trying to figure it all out years" I have a theory.

A writer of songs and poetry will often do his or her best work when you are sad or mad or some other emotion that is considered negative is in you.  When you young and alone you reflect and you find what is called the "muse" and often your best work will just pour out of you.  So I figure while Chris was struggling in the beginning and before he met his wife and fell in love a lot of this type of thing helped him to do a lot of writing.  Much was probally pieces here and there, unfinished.

So he gets the chance to record an album and must begin work in September and that album must be ready to release in November, which is not a long time to make a new album.  Of course wanted to write a lot of his own music, right? 

So to get it done you dig out all that old material and that part of you comes through, the young man, struggling in relationships, love and life.  Now that is just my guess but somehow I think there may be something to it.

What do you think, sounds like a good topic for someone to add to the new forum, doesn't it? And yes that was a hint!

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Do You Have the CD?

Ok so most of Chris' Fans have a copy of the CD by now but if you don't what are you waiting for?  Click here to hear bonus tracks and get the Chris Daughtry CD now.

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~ Jack Spirko

Chris Daughtry rocks out

Chris Daughtry Nails Wanted Dead of Alive

Chris Daughtry with his band Absent Element prior to his Idol Days

Chris Daughtry rocking the judges on idol