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 The Chris Daughtry Fans Online News Letter
Issue #6 November 8th, 2006

1.  New Chris Videos on Our Site
2.  Get Your Copy on Nov. 21st
3.  Answers to  Few Questions after the Last News Letter
4.  Thank You So Much - You Guys Rock!
5.  Personalization Mall - Cool Stuff for Christmas

New Chris Videos on Our Site 

We heard you!  A barrage of emails have come in asking for more of Chris so we came up with framing in some of our favorite videos off of YouTube showing Chris in a few different situations.  From some of his AI performances, to some post AI interviews and we will keep looking for more com come back offer.

Visit our Chris Daughtry Video Page


Get Your Copy on Nov. 21st

The number one thing fans ask when they email us is "When is Chris' Album Coming Out?", well we are into the final stretch and you can have it in hand by Nov. 21st.  You can listen to 4 clips here and pre order the CD right from our site.

Just Hit the Play Button Below to Hear Chris' 4 Clips

This just in!  You can now pre order the album Daughtry from - Pre Order Chris Daughtry's Album Now

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Answers to  Few Questions after the Last News Letter

After the last two emails I sent I got a ton of questions more then normal.  Here were the most common and answers to them.

1.  Do you know Chris personally or Can you get my cover song to Chris or something to that effect.

Answer -  No, we don't know Chris we are fellow fans and nothing more.  Chris does know about this site and he does visit it and many other fan sites and is extremely dedicated to his fans.  Remember we have a Tell Chris section in our Chris Daughtry Forum.  If you have a direct message for him that would be the best place to put it.

2.  I lost my user name and pass word to the forum can you look it up for me?

No we can't because to find you we would need your user name.  Also this site is a simple labor of love so we can't provide any real "tech support" with our limited resources.  The simple solution is really easy though, just sign up again with a new name and password and jot it down somewhere.  Do not worry it won't hurt anything if you have more then one account.  We also never email you based on forum subscriptions so don't worry about that either we only email people who join our fan club with the form on this page.  

3.  I never signed up for a news letter, how did you get my email?

Sorry you are just wrong, you or someone filled out the form.  We don't want to email anyone, ever, who does not want to hear from us.  We have never entered a single name or email, 100% of our members opted in.  Perhaps your child, brother, friend, etc. opted you in?  We don't know but we have a time and IP address for each opt in.  In any event if you want to unsubscribe the unsubscribe link in the email works and there are no tricks involved.  We are 100% compliant with all spam laws.

4.  When I click to order a CD from your site I go to, if I order am I ordering from your site?

Yes, we are an Amazon affiliate.  We choose Amazon because we trust them to deliver as promised as they have been around a very long time and do things professionally.  This is our first experience selling via Amazon and we are very impressed with our new relationship with them.


Thank You So Much!  You Guys Rock!

Hear 4 Clips from Daughtry

When we put links to offer sales of the Chris Daughtry CD on our site we hoped to sell a few to help recover the investment in this site and the massive bandwidth consumed each month.  So far more then 400 people preordered the CD so thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, you guys rock!

Funny thing though is how many people ordered other stuff too!  Lots of other CDs including Tailor and Kelly's CDs which makes sense but a lot of other stuff we never expected.  People ordered books, games, toys and even clothes and kitchen flatware.  That all gets credited to us so again thank you.

t is so cool to see the stuff Chris' fans buy especially the other music which comes from a wide range just like his fans do.  We are planning to release a page showing cool stuff other fans bought on Friday.  No ones name or anything just the stuff.  It should be a fun cool thing for a Friday. 

One more time just let us say , thank you so much for your support.



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Personalization Mall - Cool Stuff for Christmas 

As I mentioned above people bought all kinds of stuff off Amazon and I was wondering why, my wife pointed out, "because Jack Christmas is coming and not everyone puts off things till the last week like you do" (rolls eyes).  Little does she know I have already bought her stuff including some cool stuff on

So what is  It is a great place where you can personalize gifts with people names or other special messages. It is also in my opinion one of the coolest places to get gifts for any occasion but Christmas and the Holidays in general are perfect times to visit.  One real popular thing are personalized ornaments which is a perfect holiday gift and very affordable to boot.   There are other cool things from all types of niches.

Like my son is an Philadelphia Eagles Fan so we ordered him a picture of the Eagles locker room that shows 4 jerseys hanging up, three have the names of star players on them and one will have my son's last name on it.  Now how cool is that!

If you want to do something really cool and really special for people you love this year check out Personalization Mall By Clicking Here.


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One more time let me say thank you again to all our great visitors and members.  We got several thousand emails last week and I answered several hundred as I could find the time and ability to do so.  Know that while we can't answer them all we do read them all and we do appreciate every single fan and your support and your kind word.

My you have a wonderful week and may we all soon be rocking to Chris' great new music.


~ Jack Spirko

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Chris Daughtry rocks out

Chris Daughtry Nails Wanted Dead of Alive

Chris Daughtry with his band Absent Element prior to his Idol Days

Chris Daughtry rocking the judges on idol