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 The Chris Daughtry Fans Online News Letter
Issue #4 Aug 30, 2006

1.  Newest Edition to The Site (Current News)
2.  Latest On Chris
3.  Chris Stuff on Cafe Press is Pretty Popular 
4,  The Idol Tour and CD 
(Tickets on Sale)
5.  Do You Know 
6.  Put Yourself On The Map
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New Editions to The Site

  • First - Let me say we are sorry to have been so out of touch with our fans for the last few months but there has not been that much "news" until recently.  We don't want to email you all just to get traffic and try to sell stuff to you so we keep the contact to when new information is available.  A lot has changed lately so we are pleased to announced a brand new "news" section.  

    Unlike the old news section that just reported on Chris' AI performances this new section will follow all mention of Chris in the online news and post links to any article we can find about him. We will update the section a few time a week, this section will not be about our opinion or commentary just a huge growing list of links to any and all Chris Daughtry news we think you might enjoy.  When there are big stories we will ping you by email to remind you about the new section.  Visit our After Idol News Section of the site now.! We will update that section as quickly as any news comes in.

  • Second - Chris is about to release and album this fall!  I set up a new poll in the forums about it.  Come vote in our forum and tell us what you think the new album will be like.  Strait Heavy Alternative Rock?  A Blend of Ballads and Rock?  More Pop Then We Might Expect?  Vote in the Poll and let your opinion be heard.

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Latest on Chris

Chris Signed a Record Deal - Everyone knows that but what you might not know is the answer to the biggest question we get at the fan site.  When will his album come out?  Word is the album will be released around Nov. 21 and we will let you know as soon as it can be purchased.  Sound like many a Thanksgiving gathering may have a bit of Chris mixed in with the Christmas music people start to play around then! 

Chris Bought a New Home  - According to The Associated Press, Daughtry and his wife spent $690,000 for a four bedroom, 3,782-square-foot home with a swimming pool and putting green on a little more than an acre of land.  It's located in Oakridge, a suburb north of Greensboro with a population of about 4,000. NASCAR driver Kevin Harvick lives nearby.

Chris Is Working on His Album - This honestly amazes me take a look at the Idol Tour Dates that Remain in September, with all the travel and all the shows I am really shocked to hear that cutting and recording of the album is going on now, but it is.  Nov. 21 may seem like a long way off for fans but Chris must be working very hard to be doing such a big tour and recording at the same time.  Most artists, cut and album, then tour and then start again.  Like you I can't wait till his new album comes out, rest assured a lot of work will be going into it.

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Chris Stuff on Cafe Press is Pretty Popular - Last time I let you know about Cafe Press and the great Chris Daughtry stuff they had there.  So far the most popular items have been Ladies T-Shirts and Ladies Baby Doll T-Shirts, no surprise there as the ladies do seem to love Chris.  A few people have even gone for Chris Daughtry baby bibs!  That one surprised me I did not even know they existed.  In any event if you want to show you support for Chris Daughtry or just find very personalized stuff Cafe Press is the place to find it.  Check Out All the Chris Daughtry Stuff on Cafe Press.

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The Idol on Tour and The Idol CD (Concert Tickets On sale) - The  American Idol top ten (of course including Chris) are sill on tour but not for much longer.  Threre are still tickets available for the final 18 shows in the states of California, Oregon, Washington, Texas, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Georgia, West Virginia, Virginia, New York, Maine, Rhode Island and one in Connecticut.  Use this link to check  for Ticket availability to the American Idol Concert.  The very few remaining dates are selling out fast so you may want to get yours right away.

Reviews of the concert have been great with Chris gaining the most mention of any of the Idols, no surprise to us.


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Put Yourself On The Map -   I thought it would be cool to see where all Chris Fans are at all over the place.  To  put your pin on the map just visit the Chris Daughtry Rocks Frappr Map.  Over one thousand fans have already put their pin on the map have you?

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That's all I have for this edition folks!  Make sure to keep visiting the Chris Daughtry Fans Forum.  I do what I can to keep up with the news on our favorite American Idol of all time but other fans number in the thousands and with everyone's ear to the ground the forum often has the latest news the second it breaks.  Rock On Folks and Have an Awesome Weekend.


~ Jack Spirko

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Chris Daughtry rocks out

Chris Daughtry Nails Wanted Dead of Alive

Chris Daughtry with his band Absent Element prior to his Idol Days

Chris Daughtry rocking the judges on idol