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 The Chris Daughtry Fans Online News Letter
Issue #3 May 26, 2006

Well, folks a lot has happened in the past week and a few days.  This season of American Idol is finally over and while it certainly did not end the way we expected.  Still, it was great to see Chris back on Idol and it was really nice to see him side by side with the band live, (my thoughts on that are in this edition).  

The biggest new is that Chris may be coming to perform live this summer in your area at the - American Idol Concert

So let's get on with the latest buzz.....

1.  OK, Taylor Won, Let's Give Him His Due 
2.  Latest on Chris From Around the News 
3.  Chris Stuff on Cafe Press is Pretty Popular 
4,  The Idol Tour and CD 
(Tickets on Sale)
5.  Do You Know 
6.  Put Yourself On The Map
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OK, Taylor Won, Let's Give Him His Due 

I know we were all pretty mad when Chris got voted off and many people including me are pretty sure there were at least some problems with the phone lines on that night.  Yet I have seen some Chris fans putting down Taylor in some forums and boards.  This is just not right and remember how hacked off we were when bashers accused Chris of stealing Live's version Walk the Line and the bashers that spammed our guest book here at the site.

To blame Taylor is very short sighted and paints a poor image of Chris and his fans.  Chris clearly is very happy about the fact that he is now going to have a great career and he is clearly happy for Taylor.  In any event in my opinion once Chris was gone and the final three were Kat, Eliot and Taylor it was clear that Taylor was the front runner.  I for one am happy for him in spite of the fact that I won't be jamming to Taylor Hicks in my car anytime soon.

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Latest on Chris From Around the News

Chris looks less likely to join Fuel - According to The Post Chronicle, Chris is tending away from joining Fuel or for that matter any band.  He seems to be dreaming more of a solo career where he will have full creative freedom to write and develop his own music.  The best part is it seems clear in the report that Chris has got this whole thing figured out and has the right attitude as the article quoted him saying, "There's going to be a flooding of opportunities, I can't really talk about them I'm going to use this to launch my career".  The article can be read in full at this link, - Looking Like Chris Daughtry Is About To Run Out Of 'Fuel' 

Greensboro North Carolina to Welcome Home Their Idol - According to when Chris gets home to North Carolina it seems half or more of Greensboro will be waiting to welcome him.  It also seems that town is making sure there is going to be an allotted time and area for Chris to meet with area youth.  The article can be read in full here - "Idol" contestant Chris Daughtry coming home for celebration

For Three Months All We Get is Idol - Tons of you are asking when Chris' CD will be out.  Sorry to tell you it will be at least 90 days.  I have gotten lot's of sources quoting Chris as saying he will do the Idol Tour and I am sure that Idol will release a cover CD of all the idols and we can get that, but according to the Miami Herald even idol contestants that loose are locked in by American Idol for 3 months after the Grand Finally.  It makes me a bit unhappy sure but I guess it is a small price to pay for the national recognition and exposure.  He has already stated he plans to go on the American Idol tour and is looking forward to it.  It will also give Chris some time in the business to get acclimated to the life with some level of protection.  The good new is once that time is up his options are as limitless as the universe.  You can read the very brief Herald Article here - Out of Fuel?

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Chris Stuff on Cafe Press is Pretty Popular - Last week I let you know about Cafe Press and the great Chris Daughtry stuff they had there.  So far the most popular items have been Ladies T-Shirts and Ladies Baby Doll T-Shirts, no surprise there as the ladies do seem to love Chris.  A few people have even gone for Chris Daughtry baby bibs!  That one surprised me I did not even know they existed.  In any event if you want to show you support for Chris Daughtry or just find very personalized stuff Cafe Press is the place to find it.  Check Out All the Chris Daughtry Stuff on Cafe Press.

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The Idol on Tour and The Idol CD (Concert Tickets On sale) - Well it goes with out saying your first chance to see Chris or buy a CD will be from American Idol.  Tour dates are available at the Official Idol on Fox site.  For the next 90 days that will be as good as it gets from an availability standpoint.  Rest assured we will keep telling you all we learn during that time frame and the second a true Daughtry CD is available we will let you know.  For now there is always Lime Wire.

The Great news is that the American Idol top ten (of course including Chris) are going on tour and odds are he will be in your area sometime this summer.  Use this link to check  for Ticket availability to the American Idol Concert.  Dates are selling out fast so you may want to get yours right away.

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Do You Know - (A Tech Tip) - In an effort to bring more value to our awesome visitors we are going to do tech tips to help you enjoy the web more.  

(disclaimer this is not an advertisement in any way, I have no direct affiliation with

So do you know as in, for those who don't know is not some dessert site or a site about food.  No, is what is known and a "social book marking site".  I have known about it for a very long time but just started using it.  The way it works is simple, you get a free username, you then save your favorite sites to and you can then access your "favorites", "bookmarks", (or whatever you call them) from any computer any place in the world.

For instance my page is located at - You can see all the bookmarks I have added recently

Now if this was not enough it gets even cooler.

Next you can add "tags" to each site so you can then sort by those tags, what I might do for this site is say my tags are ["Daughtry", "Idol", "music", "rock"] then on my page if I clicked on one of those tags all the sites tagged the same by me would pop right to the top.

So in time you build your own search engine/directory of the sites you love and enjoy or wish to refer to in the future.  

Now the even better part you can view results from other members and if you find a member that has added a bunch of pages you like you can join their "network" so in the future when you search you can search for

  1. Pages You Have Tagged
  2. Pages You and Your Network Have Tagged
  3. Pages Tagged By Every Member

Of course you choose what way you search either with a regular search box or drilling down on the tags.  How many times have you found a site and then could not find it again especially on a different PC? How cool is it that if your PC crashed beyond repair you would still have all your sites?  Oh and how cool is it that EVERY site in was put there by a human not a robot?

I suggest you try out to see if you like it.  If you do please put Chris Daughtry Fans into your list of favorite sites there.  Again to get your own portable book mark site just go to

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Put Yourself On The Map -  OK I just learned about a site called Frappr that allows groups to create a map to show where everyone lives.  (It is by zip code so it won't lead anyone to your house or anything).  I thought it would be cool to see where all Chris Fans are at all over the place.  To  put your pin on the map just visit the Chris Daughtry Rocks Frappr Map.  

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That's all I have for this week folks!  Make sure to keep visiting the Chris Daughtry Fans Forum.  I do what I can to keep up with the news on our favorite American Idol of all time but other fans number in the thousands and with everyone's ear to the ground the forum often has the latest news the second it breaks.  Rock On Folks and Have an Awesome Weekend.


~ Jack Spirko

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Chris Daughtry rocks out

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Chris Daughtry with his band Absent Element prior to his Idol Days

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