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Chris Daughtry rocks out

Chris Daughtry Nails Wanted Dead of Alive

Chris Daughtry with his band Absent Element prior to his Idol Days

Chris Daughtry rocking the judges on idol

  • Past News Reports on Chris Daughtry's Performances...

April 11th, 2006 - Tonight was Queen night and we expected and got a great no make that awesome performance from Chris. I think most were surprised by his choice of song not because it wasn't an awesome choice but because most American Idol fans probably never heard the song before. The choice tonight was the song Innuendo of course by Queen. Two things can be said about Chris Daughtry and his version of Innuendo. One, he stayed true to himself by doing a song that had never been performed live by Queen and wasn't a song everyone knew. This really let him stand as who he was rather then sound like a typical cover song. Two, he rocked his fans, the audience and the judges (of course excluding Simon). Randy stated the performance was awesome and had nothing but praise for Chris despite the fact that he started his critique with a fake out as if he was going to have something negative to say. Paula praised the performance as well giving him credit for doing something different and stating that the band (Queen) watched the performance with adoration.

Queen had huge compliments for Chris as well praising his voice and his ability to perform. It was clear that Queen themselves had the most praise for Chris out of all the performers. I would venture that they would have no problem having him on stage with them. 

Even Simon had praise for the song stating, "It was definitely the best vocal of the night and the most believable vocal of the night as well" however, he criticized Chris Daughtry for not picking one of the "Great well known Queen songs". Personally we the staff of Chris Daughtry fans, loved the choice! 


April 4th, 2006 - Well, well, well indeed Chris Daughtry can "show diversity" as he has been picked at by some for not doing in the past.  Tonight we heard Chris sing "Making Memories of Us" originally by Keith Urban.  To me it was a great version of the song and he really made the song his own with his personality and his unique voice.

The judges seemed to agree, Randy and Paula were both all praise and of course Simon had something negative to say.  Not just negative to Chris but basically saying all the performers picked "boring songs".  Same old Simon who is really starting to get to a point where his comments are not going to matter to anyone anymore.

In fact it was so bad that Paula put her head down on the table exasperated and then stated, "you should hear the double talk he does during the performances.  Well Paula don't worry we do, we hear it week in and week out.  It would seem one of our predictions from last week came to pass when we said, "Tonight, we saw Chris foreshadow that he would show a "softer side" in coming weeks.  I predict next week he will do a " ballad" or something  to that effect and the contrast will be huge and his buzz factor will skyrocket even beyond what Hemorrhage and Higher Ground created for him".

I can't say that is completely accurate as the performance while excellent was not as amazing as some of his earlier ones.  Yet how could it be, to give Simon some credit the song was pretty mellow and while I am sure it made the women swoon there was not a ton of excitement in it.  However, if Simon really thinks "Making Memories of Us" is a "boring song, perhaps he should ask Keith Urban just how much money it made him and his record label when it spent many week on the Country top ten list.

In any event Chris will certainly again be back next week, he will probably rock his sock's off and moronic Simon will state something to the effect of "Its good to see you back to doing the right type of music for who you are".  Whatever Simon!  Rock on Chris your fans are rooting you on!

March 28th, 2006 - Tonight we saw Chris at his heavy metal edge best.  Unfortunately it probably was not the best choice for a song on American Idol.  Chris rocked his die hard fans with Creed's song "What If".  The song for those who heard the performance is a very hard song quite far to the heavy edge of American Idol's pop and bubblegum like center.  He took some heat from the judges specifically Simon Cowell who said, "you can't just keep doing this same type or music every night" and "this is American Idol, Creed would never come on this show".  

I think Simon is about as consistent as snowfall, just last week he commended Chris for "refusing to compromise", now he wants him to compromise?  No one should be shocked by this Simon has been playing this stupid game all the way back to the days of Kelly and Justin on season one.  One week telling a person "they have to show diversity" and the very next week saying they made a "bad choice because they chose the wrong type of song for who they are" then the following week praising them for "getting back to the right type of music for them".  How can anyone take Simon seriously when he is this inconstant?

Now I am a die hard fan and a former long haired, black concert shirt wearing, head banging 80's rocker and I have to admit even I thought the song was a bit on the edge for American Idol and not necessarily the best song he could have picked.  Then I thought about it and realized there is more at play here.

First - With 10 contestants still in the game Chris knew his fan base was going to be able to easily put him through another week.  With all the total BS over the "Walk the Line" issue and Live the prior week I think Chris was in a way thanking his fans.  He knows many of us love not just rock but heavy alternative rock.  I think he gave us the hardest rock every on Idol as a gift for sticking by him during this week.  He knew to do it now while he could still do it and sail through to the next round in the world of bubblegum music that infests Idol.

Second - The performance was solid!  Like that type of music or not again we got to see Chris prove that he can sing and he can rock.  

Third - The song was angry and I think it was his way of telling his critics where they could go.  Good for him!

Fourth - Most people have been chatting about the above three reasons but no one has mentioned this one yet.  I think this was a brilliant piece of strategy by Chris.  Tonight, we saw Chris foreshadow that he would show a "softer side" in coming weeks.  I predict next week he will do a "ballad" or something  to that effect and the contrast will be huge and his buzz factor will skyrocket even beyond what Hemorrhage and Higher Ground created for him.

One way or another we will be seeing Chris Daughtry for a long time on Idol, his fans are with him and we love him for who he is and for his music.  All the rumors and ill talk show how big he really is.  My father used to say, "if no one is saying anything negative about you, that just means you don't matter".  

We love you Chris, keep rocking and never cave in and do any pop or bubblegum music.


March 21st, 2006 - We heard something tonight that wasn't actually spoken.  Though totally symbolic and never verbalized it might as well have been a loud thunderous shout from Chris Daughtry stating, "give me any genre of music you want and I will not be held back, no matter what I will rock"!  Again I sat a bit concerned as the producers of American Idol forced the contestants to choose a song from a particular niche none of them would ever choose on their own.  Last week Stevie Wonder this week was 50's week, as in 1950's!

Out comes Chris and what artist does he pick?  Johnny Cash!  What song?  "Walk the Line".  So here is the deal American Idol forces Chris into the 50's he says fine picks an outlaw country artist and turns the song into alternative rock and blows away the competition once again.

While it is great that he did well again and surely with out a doubt we will be hearing him again next week there is something larger at play here.  Paula and Randy had their usual compliments and stated that he, "stayed true to who he is" but it was Simon Cowell who touched on the real story going on here.  Simon stated, "you are the first artist we have had on American Idol who has refused to compromise".

To me that is just the tip of the iceberg.  To me what we are seeing is the landscape of American Idol changed by one individual.  Chris is not just a singer, he is a performer and an writer and he is using both to his advantage.  Finding new versions of older songs or songs out side of his realm.  You are seeing the future of the show as some this year but the majority in the future will follow this formula and alter music to make it fit who they are and dig deep to find unique cover versions of these songs.  If you missed tonight's episode I think it is fair to say you missed a tiny bit of TV history.  See if a friend taped it or download the song, I am sure it will be on in no time at all. 

March 14th, 2006 - Tonight was the first night where the producers of American Idol start forcing a specific type of song or a song by a particular artist on the contestants.  Tonight that choice was Stevie Wonder and I have to admit I was a bit worried for Chris as that is just not the type of music one would associate with the former lead singer from Absent Element.  Apparently Chris was bit concerned as well until he found the song Higher Ground (which had been done by both Stevie Wonder and The Chili Peppers).

Chris truly made Higher Ground his own!  Not only did he deliver a wonderful version of the song with extremely strong vocals, he also electrified the stage with a high energy performance that in the words of judge Simon Cowell, "was the only performance of the night that would stand up in the real world".  I don't often agree with Simon but tonight I most certainly do.  Paul Abdul and Randy Jackson also had high praise for Daughtry's performance.  I now see Chris as the true favorite to win the entire competition.  If he can take a genre like this and make it work I think he can pull off just about anything.  

March 8th, 2006 - Chris Daughtry in my opinion again was the star of "Guys Night" on Idol.  To me his only real competition was Tailor Hicks who probably had his best night so far.  Chris wowed his fans with his version of the song "Broken" originally by Seether.  Randy Jackson had nothing but praise for Chris stating, "you know I'm a fan of yours and I love the way you stay true to who you are".  Paula was also very impressed and stated, "No matter what happens in this competition I am sure you will soon be packing and selling out shows all over the country".  I have to agree fully with Paula, to me Chris is the only contestant on Idol this year with the potential to make it not just as a vocalist and on the radio but on the road.  He's the kind of artist people will pay to see and plan to take the next day off to recoup from the fun from the night before.  

As can be expected the only person with a negative comment was Simon Cowell who probably had a bad case of hemorrhoids or something.  Sometimes Simon is dead on and at others you just wonder if he has hearing problems or simply knows being an ass is why he is famous.  Simon called Daughtry's performance "boring" and said he should not be "too serious" nor should he "stick with one type of music".  My prediction is once they begin the finals and the judges MAKE Chris sing some bubble gum music he would never choose himself, Simon will say it was "a bad choice".

In any event while I don't think that "Broken" was as good as last weeks version of Hemorrhage I still think it was the best performance of the evening.  There is certainly no doubt that Chris will be around to compete again next week.  What I love the most about Chris is he is exposing me to new music, I am a rocker from the 80s and 90s who is now getting older and listening to Country more then anything else.  At the same time Daughtry connects me with my youthful roots and connects me with more modern bands like Seether and Fuel.  Got to love that!

March 1st, 2006 - Chris Daughtry fans were treated to what I think was his best performance yet as he literally stole the show from the other remaining 9 male contestants with an amazing version of the song Hemorrhage (originally by Fuel).  Randy Jackson put it best saying, "that could be your song on the radio topping the charts right now".  Paula asked "do you know how good you are".  As if that were not enough even Simon had nothing but praise stating "you are the standard everyone else here should aspire to".    I personally thought Chris was better then Fuel's Original Version.  Judge that for yourself you can view and hear Fuel's original version here. 

Feb 22nd, 2006 - Many Idol fans don't know that Chris joined the alternative rock band Absent Element and tried his hand at writing music and lyrics for quite a few years. He wound up dropping out, however, so he could perform on "American Idol."

And February 22nd, Daughtry "wowed" judge Paula Abdul and most of America with his version of Bon Jovi's "Wanted Dead or Alive."  Abdul gave him a standing ovation, Randy Jackson said, "You've got it," and curmudgeon Simon Cowell responded with praise. Cowell complemented Daughtry, saying he has potential and a great recording voice, but added that he needs more charisma.  Daughtry's critique turned out to be one of the best among the 12 performers personally I think Simon was having a bad day as he was harsh even for himself with many of the competitors.

Chris Daughtry with his band Absent Element prior to American Idol

Chris Daughtry strikes a pose

Chris Daughtry Nails Wanted Dead of Alive in his First Fans Judged Competition

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